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Are you looking for cheap and reliable Microwave Repair Service? We have an experience and certified technician team who are always ready to repair your Microwave whenever you need us.
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In most households, the microwave is clock and source of quick food. It doesn't matter what recipes you have for the week, it will become a big problem when microwave stops working. With the help of an experienced microwave repair technician, you can quickly determine whether your microwave needs to be replaced or repaired.

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Book a Microwave Repair appointment with us through the WhatsApp. We will get back to you within an hour.

Repair Microwave

Our technician will visit your place for inspection and repairing of your Microwave. All repair fee are transparent.

Post Service

For every Microwave Repair Service, we will provide a warranty. Do contact us back if you have any questions.

Microwave is not heating food

If your microwave isn’t heating food, it’s likely that the magnetron in your appliance is broken. This cannot be repaired, you can call our Microwave Repair Service to replace it.

Microwave plate not spinning

If the microwave's plate isn’t spinning correctly when operating, it is either caused by a broken motor or microwave control board. Contact our Microwave Repair Technician to check for the problem.

Microwave making noise

If your microwave is making a loud or unusual noise such as buzzing, humming, scraping or static, there are a range of potential faults you’ll have to check for. Contact Our Microwave Repair Service to find out the issue.

Microwave starts and then stops

If your microwave only works when you first set it, there’s a good chance the door seal is broken. The door seal has to be triggered so that the microwave knows the door is closed in order for it to run.

Microwave sparking

Make sure there are no metal object in Microwave. Avoid putting metal in the microwave, that includes foil and enamel coated crockery. And if you notice the sparking, remove the item to avoid excessive heat or damaging your microwave.

Microwave Door Not Closing Properly

This often happens because your microwave's hinges or springs have come loose from their original factory tightened state. Contact us to get your microwave parts replace.

Certified Microwave Repair Service

We have many years of experience for repairing appliances such as Microwave. Our technicians are well train and license certified.

We can provide you with a microwave repair report after the inspection. In addition, we also provide customer with a warranty as way to guarantee our repair service.

Fast React To Your Microwave Service Request

We understand that microwave is an essential appliance in your home. Therefore, we will try our best to repair your broken microwave as soon as possible.

Usually, we will reply your message within an hour and repair your microwave with days. Sometime, it can also fix within the same day. Do contact us for more information.

Cheap and Transparent Microwave Repair Service

We are offering you with an affordable and transparent Microwave Repair Service. There are no hidden fee during microwave repair service.

All of Microwave Repair Fee are transparent as our professional technician will provide you with a quotation after inspection of your fault microwave.

We're able to repair all


Cornell Microwave Oven repair
PowerPac Microwave Oven repair
EuropAce Microwave Oven repair
Midea Microwave Oven repair
Toshiba Microwave Oven repair
LG Microwave Oven repair
Panasonic Microwave Oven repair
Sharp Microwave Oven repair
Samsung Microwave Oven repair
Electrolux Microwave Oven repair
Whirlpool Microwave Oven repair
Hitachi Microwave Oven repair

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